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Download engaging learning activities to teach core concepts, build community, and utilize technology in your elementary classroom.

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"What a great product! It was perfect for my 3rd and 4th grade Computer students. I just added it to Google Classroom and the lesson was ready. The directions were very thorough and helpful. Thanks!"
"I love these kind of BTS activities but always hate to raid our limited paper supply to implement. This will make it so much easier, both in terms of materials and prep time."
"My kids love games on the pro-board! I love that this is editable & I can add in whatever troublesome words they're working on. Once I teach the game, the kids can choose it during centers. Also great for when I have a daytime meeting - so easy for a sub to run!"

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Kathryn has a passion for making learning fun and creating new ways to engage students. For the past 10 years, she has designed and implemented meaningful learning activities that effectively integrate technology into the elementary classroom.