The Ultimate Course For Using Google In Your Classroom

A step-by-step guide for teachers: Everything you need to know to get your students creating and collaborating in G Suite

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Learn What's Most Important
For Teachers

Create Activities To Enhance Your Instruction

Learn how to use Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings to create engaging and meaningful activities centered around your curriculum

Create Self-Grading Assessments

Use Google Forms to create exit tickets, assessments, and even activities for substitute teachers

Save Time Collaborating With Other Teachers

Create collaborative folders with the teachers you work closely with to collect, create, and share activities and materials without having to be in the same room or make paper copies

Encourage And Facilitate Collaboration

Get your students collaborating in their Google Drive to learn from each other, facilitate discussions, and create in-person connections

Easily Assign And Give Feedback To Your Students

Create a Google Classroom to give assignments to your students as well as view and grade them 

Connect With Parents More Efficiently

Learn how to use easily share student work with parents without needing them to be in the classroom. Create sign-ups and collect information from parents all with Google Apps

Includes 5 Easy-To-Follow Modules

Module 1: Getting Started With Your Google Drive
Module 2: Creating Activities For Your Students In Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings
Module 3: Setting Up And Using Google Classroom
Module 4: Getting Students Collaborating In Their Google Drives
Module 5: Using Google Forms In Your Classroom

Make Way For Google: It’s Easier Than You Think

A Course Designed For Beginners

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WATCH NOW: Assign Your Student Activities And Differentiate In Google Classroom

Step-By-Step Videos

Our 35 videos were created specifically for beginners and walk you through each and every step.

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We know teachers are busy. That's why we created these videos so you can watch them anytime, wherever is most convenient for you.

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You'll have access to all 35 of our videos so you can pick and choose which videos you want to watch first and go back and view any video as many times as you need.

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Get the training you need (and deserve!) to start growing your skills so you can use Google confidently in your classroom while enhancing your instruction and fully engaging your students! 


What Teachers Are Saying About Our Course

This course is FANTASTIC. I didn’t know a lot about using Google in my classroom before I started this course, but after watching these videos, I’m realizing it’s a lot easier than I thought it would be. There is literally every video you need to learn how to create activities and exit tickets for students. I love that the videos are short and super easy to follow, and that I can go back and re-watch any of the videos that I want. My students are already using the activities I’ve created because of your course, and they are LOVING it! Thank you!!


3rd/4th Grade Teacher

This video course is perfect for teachers new to Google Classroom and those who just want to add more to their toolbox. I have used it to create collaborative Google Slides for my students, quick checks, and to connect with parents. My students love being able to create their own slides and share them with their classmates. They also love using interactive notebooks and having the ability to use voice typing! These videos are organized and easy to follow. The modules include many fun ways to engage students. I like how each video has a step-by-step guide and lists reasons why you’ll find the content helpful. I am excited to try out all the new things I have learned!


6th Grade Teacher

This is one of the most valuable purchases I have ever made on Teachers Pay Teachers. As a beginner in using technology for distance learning, I needed a comprehensive and clear set of step by step instructions on a wide variety of tech resources. The video series is extremely well organized, set up in “bite-size” sections, and very well explained. The pacing was feasible and I will be able to go back and rewatch videos on specific topics as needed. This resource was truly what I needed during the challenging situation of distance learning.


1st/2nd Grade Teacher

I panicked when distant learning first began. I am a techno-dinosaur. This course opened up the mysteries of google to me! I feel ready to take on a new school year now!


5th/6th Grade Teacher

This resource was exactly what I needed. So helpful and extremely easy to follow. One of the best purchases I’ve made with TPT. THANK YOU!


5th/6th Grade Teacher

I have started this training and it has been a really good way to learn how to use Google Classroom. It is very detailed and gives a nice overview of everything. It is great for those who are new to Google Classroom.


1st/2nd Grade Teacher

I am not finished with the course yet, but I need to rave about it now. LOVE how the course is split up into modules and they way you explain things step by step, and with examples is extremely helpful! Our district is new to Google Classroom, we have not received any training yet, but will have to use it to open up this school year on August 5th. I need a jump start so that my head is not overwhelmed when I do get training the week before. I do have some experience with Google Slides and Google Drive and I love it. Thank you for sharing your expertise!! Definitely worth the purchase!



When purchasing an item that is a little more costly, I usually hesitate and hold off for a sale. With the Corona virus, I was met with the challenge of learning Google Classroom in a very small window of time. With limited back ground knowledge of Google Classroom, I purchased this bundle. It was the best move I could make! Each module is broken down into short videos that explain how to do a task in Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Forms, etc. I was able to easily follow along and create assignments, collaborate with my team, upload document, etc. If you are new to Google Classroom, don’t hesitate to make this purchase. You will gain the confidence you need to create a Google Classroom that delivers new content to your students. 


3rd Grade Teacher

This resource is excellent for teachers who need more information on how to make the most of Google Classroom and other Google tools. Very practical and useful – worth the time to watch the videos – especially with the digital learning school year about to begin. As I watched the videos, I also thought of ways I might use the material even when we return to the building. Don’t hesitate to get this resource!



This was a wonderful way to learn about creating digital resources. I wanted a good baseline of where to start and this really helped. Thanks!


Special Ed Teacher

This was worth every penny I spent to learn about Google Classroom. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about Google Classroom and how to make resources.



I knew a little bit about google products but never put it all together to fully understand until I purchased your product! Thank you so much for making it all so much clearer for me. Thank you, thank you for your terrific product!



Great resource for getting familiar and becoming an advanced user of Google Classroom.



This helped me to teach on the Google Classroom platform with confidence. Amazing resource!


1st/2nd Grade Teacher

This was so helpful! I was able to get my Google Classroom up and running. Thank you so much!!!!



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