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12 Ways to Use FigJam and Jamboard in the Classroom (+ FREE Templates)

If you haven't gotten on the FigJam train yet, it's a powerful and collaborative visual learning tool for students.

As Jamboard is being phased out in October 2024, FigJam is quickly becoming the popular replacement tool for teachers to use in the classroom.

Here are some of my favorite templates from our Jamboard Bundle that are now also available in FigJam. (You’ll get both templates when you download this freebie.) Plus how to use them with students!

(Psst! The entire bundle will be updated to FigJam soon.) 

1. Morning Meeting Check-In
Morning Check In Templates

Having a discussion question for students to answer is a great way to start the day and even a way to take attendance. You can type any question at the top of the Jamboard or FigJam. How students are feeling this morning, what book they’re currently reading, a review question, anything you’d like. Students will add a sticky note with their response and place it in the numbered box they’ve been assigned. They can even add emojis or images to the box. (Don’t worry if you have more than 25 students. There’s a second frame included.)

I also like using these Question of the Day or How are you Feeling Jamboards when students walk in as well.

Our Back to School Jamboards include 42 Jamboard activities, games, and discussion boards perfect for your Morning Meetings at the beginning of the year.

2. Birthday FigJam or Jamboard Celebrations

A birthday wall is a fun way to start the day, celebrating your students’ birthdays. Before student jump on, put the birthday student’s name on the FigJam or Jamboard. Insert an image of them and any other images they might like if you want. I love having this projected right when students start the day so the birthday student feels appreciated right away in the morning. You can project it in your classroom or on your virtual meeting screen. After students write messages, you can even print a copy for the birthday student to keep. 

Morning Meeting Jamboards and our Social Emotional Jamboards are an easy way to build community and have your students feeling confident right when the day begins.

3. Brainstorming Ideas for a Story

Getting students to come up with ideas for a story can sometimes be difficult. Many times it’s hard for them to come up with any idea at all and other times students want to write about an entire day rather than one particular event that happened. 

During your mini-lesson, project this writing Jamboard/FigJam. Tell students a broad watermelon topic and have them brainstorm seed stories inside. You can also use it to have students write their idea for their story before going off to write. It’s a great way to check-in with students so you know they’re on the right track before they start writing. Students that haven’t come up with an idea might get inspired by reading their classmates’ ideas for stories. 

Writing Jamboards are some of my favorite ways to keep students accountable and share ideas during writing. Check out our 100+ writing Jamboards

4. Synonyms Anchor Chart

Another way you can use FigJam/Jamboard is by having students help you create an anchor chart. Type whatever word in the box that you want students to move away from. They’ll help add sticky notes with alternate words. You can project this during independent writing time or students can revisit the Jamboard in their Google Drive when they need to reference it. If some kids need a printed copy, print it! 

I also love using this idea during our narrative unit when we’re using our Said is Dead Jamboard. Students actually use it, too!

5. What Needs a Capital Letter?

This FigJam/Jamboard can be used over and over as review, am I right? Here’s another way students can co-create an anchor chart as part of your mini-lesson. You can also ask students to find examples of capitals in their reading or writing from that day and add it to the chart. They love adding stickies and you’ll be helping them become more aware of when they need to use capitals.

6. What's Your Setting?

I love using Jamboards and FigJam to have students stay accountable and have a plan before they go off and write. This is a fun way to end your lesson on setting. Before students go off to write, they can insert an image of the setting their story is going to have. You can also just have them add a sticky note, but the image feature is a lot more fun. 

I have students plan their writing by using Jamboards for titles, the problems in their stories, and their hooks, too. When they have a plan before they go off to write, they’re so much more successful.

7. What do we know about...? (Brain Dump)

Brain dumps are a great way for students to share what they know about a topic. You can use these to introduce a new topic to see what students already know. You can also use them at the end of a topic to see what they’ve learned. Call it a “digital poster” to get your students even more excited about it. They can add images, stickies, arrows, even write on it. 

8. Making Arrays

Did you know FigJam and Jamboard are great for math too? Our math templates can be used in a lot of different ways. You can type the Problem of the Day at the top of this Jamboard/FigJam and project it for students. They can complete their work on their own papers. When it’s time to talk about the problem, give one student access (or have them come up to your computer if you’re in the classroom) to solve. 

You can also assign this entire Jamboard/FigJam to each student so they all have their own copy. Create questions ahead of time for them to solve. 

Students could also create their own array questions and share their Jamboard/FigJam with a classmate, inviting them to solve their problems.

9. Number Talks

Number talks are such a great way to start off the math period. This can be used with the whole class or in a small group. If you’re holding a small group, duplicate the frame so each student in your group has a frame to work on to show their work. Using these digital math mats and manipulatives has saved me so much time setting up activities for my students.

10. What's Your Opinion?

This Jamboard/FigJam can be used for morning meeting, taking a survey of your class, and as part of your opinion writing unit. I use this one especially for getting students to brainstorm ideas before they fill out their Jamboard OREO graphic organizers. Students can always add their name for their reasons or stay anonymous. 

11. Compare/Contrast Jamboards

Use the Venn diagram template for any subject – reading, writing, math, social studies, science, health. Students can add stickies and even images to learn how two topics compare. I find myself reusing this one along with my other Reading Response Jamboards to keep students participating after we’ve read different texts.

12. Glows and Grows

Glows and Grows can be used for any subject. You can create your own guiding questions to help students understand how to respond. Have students all respond on the same copy or give them their own copy, creating a frame for each subject. Students can return to the Jamboard throughout the year to update their goals. 

This FigJam/Jamboard template can also be used around parent conference time so students can share their glows and grows with their parents.

The template can even be used by you, the teacher, to give feedback to students about how they’re progressing.

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What Teachers are Saying about our Jamboard Bundle

My students LOVE these Jamboards! I use them as their morning question and task, it is the perfect activity for them to do, and then for us to chat about later in the day! Thank you SO much!

-Morgan, 5th Grade Teacher

These Jamboard templates are amazing and very engaging for the students. Through distance learning my students have enjoyed the Jamboards and it has made it much easier for me to see student responses.

-Courtney, 3rd Grade Teacher

Jamboard is a new favorite in my remote classroom. These templates give me a quick way to get the kids interacting. There are so many good ones, I haven’t even scratched the surface yet!

-Christy, 4th Grade Teacher

Thanks so very much for creating! This has saved me tons of time creating! I am very grateful! Fantastic Job! Students are engaged in their learning! LOVE IT!!!!

-Roxane, 2nd Grade Teacher

I recently started using Jamboard for my virtual firsties and we all love it. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this amazing resource !!

-Miss 6, 1st Grade Teacher

We love using Jamboard and these templates don’t disappoint. It makes my prep time minimal and students enjoy using them.

-Courtney, 2nd Grade Teacher

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