3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Classroom

Using Google Classroom Is A Game Changer

If your students have Google accounts, using Google Classroom is an absolute must! Google Classroom is the best way to give your students assignments and keep track of completed work online. Here are three reasons why using Google Classroom makes life as a teacher so much easier.

1. Student engagement is at its highest level

When I show my students an activity I’ve created for them in Google Classroom, they all but run to the computer cart to get started. It doesn’t even have to be the most exciting activity I’ve ever created. If it’s in Google Classroom, they can’t wait to get started.

Without Google Classroom and the content online, the only resource I have to teach Social Studies, is a textbook. Pictures are outdated (George W. Bush is still president), content is dry, and I’m on the hook trying to convince 24 students that reading out of a textbook everyday for Social Studies is fun.┬á

Google Classroom makes it easy to share interactive activities, as well as connect my students to websites where they can access real-world content about the topic they’re studying. I’m even able to assign videos in Google Classroom that my students can watch to help them understand concepts.

Recently, I assigned a Landforms Activity (pictured below) to my students in Google Classroom. Not only were my students reading the content provided on the slides, but they were watching videos on how mountains are formed, viewing a photo gallery to see the characteristics of The Great Plains, and visiting a website to learn more about the largest rivers in the United States.

2. You can easily differentiate assignments for your students

Google Classroom makes differentiating activities for students a breeze. You’ll see in the video below that you’re able to assign an activity to a student just by checking a box next to their name.

Because my students are so engaged when they’re using their computers, they’re also not worried about what their friends are doing during independent work time. Students are so into their assignments that they usually don’t notice (or care) when it’s different from their neighbor’s.

The differentiation feature in Google Classroom is especially great for:

  • Word Study
  • Math – reteaching lessons and challenge┬áactivities
  • Scaffolding writing assignments with graphic organizers
  • Jigsaw activities for Reading, Science, and Social Studies

Click the video below to learn how you can assign and differentiate activities for your students in Google Classroom.

3. Parents are automatically notified when students don't complete an assignment

With Google Classroom’s parent feature, parents in your class can stay┬áconnected to their child’s assignments in Google Classroom. They’ll receive automated emails (that’s right, you don’t have to do a thing!) letting them know about any missing assignments or assignments that are going to be due soon. Don’t worry, parents only have access to their child’s work and don’t have the ability to see the rest of your Google Classroom.

Ready To Set Up Your Google Classroom?

I’ll guide you step-by-step through setting up your Google Classroom, as well as organizing and grading assignments.