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Module 4: How to Get Your Students Collaborating in Their Google Drives

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Video 1: Why Your Students Should Collaborate In Their Drive

In this video, you’ll learn why having your students collaborate in their Google Drive helps facilitate discussions and gets your students teaching and learning from each other. You’ll also hear how it has actually helped create in-person connections in my classroom.

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Video 2: Create A Collaborative Class Activity For Your Students To Work On At Once

I’ll walk you step-by-step through: 
  • 9 ideas for using collaborative activities in your classroom
  • Inserting a table to give each student a row to respond in
  • Creating discussion slides for your entire class
  • Creating a space where all students respond to a question with images
  • Creating templates with shapes and text to designate where students should respond
  • Duplicating slides so each of your students have their own space
  • Creating a blank collaborative activity to give your students more freedom to be creative 
  • Assigning a collaborative activity in Google Classroom with the correct settings so all of your students can edit at once
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Video 3: How Students Can Start Their Own Activity And Stay Accountable

I’ll walk you step-by-step through: 
  • How students will create an activity in Docs, Slides, or Drawings
  • Sharing the activity with other partners
  • Finding an activity that’s been shared with them and adding it to their own Google Drive
  • Accessing the revision history to see what each student has contributed
  • Restoring an earlier saved version of an activity
  • Editing the assignment after you’ve created it
Video Tutorial 4
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Video 4: Use The Comment Feature With Students To Provide Instant Feedback

I’ll walk you step-by-step through:
  • Locating the comment button
  • Ideas for what kinds of feedback students can provide in their comments
  • An activity idea for students to practice giving feedback before they do it on their computers 
  • Commenting on specific images, text, or a slide as a whole
  • Replying to comments
  • Resolving comments after the suggestions have been noted
  • How students can share an activity with a partner so they can collaborate in it and provide feedback
Video Tutorial 8
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Video 5: Share Collaborative Activities With Parents, Teachers, And Your Principal

I’ll walk you step-by-step through: 
  • Sharing activities with parents and changing the settings so they’re able to access them
  • Sharing activities with other teachers and your principal
  • Deciding if you want others to be able to edit, view, or comment on an activity you’ve shared with them


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