Jamboard Tutorial For Teachers

How to Create a Google Jamboard Template Tutorial

A step-by-step guide to making a Jamboard for students

Google Jamboard for Teachers

What is Google Jamboard used for?

Google Jamboard is one of the best visual and collaborative tools for your classroom, whether you teacher first grade or high school. 

I’ve always loved having students collaborate in Google slides, but Jamboard makes it even easier to build classroom community and have students collaborating in one space using digital sticky notes, a pen, images, and more.

When teachers think of Jamboard, they usually think of it as simply a place to respond to a question or do a brain dump. These are great ways to increase student engagement, especially with those students who are sometimes a little more timid to participate. 

However, Jamboard can be used for so much more.

I use Jamboard to make class birthday cards, celebrate holidays, hold class discussions after a read aloud, and co-create anchor charts with students. I’ve created graphic organizers for small groups of students when scaffolding a writing assignment. And one of my favorite ways to use Jamboard is for math mats with manipulatives that I project during my whole group, math mini-lessons. 

I’ve created a bundle of over 375 ready-to-go Jamboards that I like to use with students, but it’s helpful for teachers to know how to create their own Jamboards as well. 

Create the Exact Jamboard You Need for Your Students

In this video, I’ll show you how to create a Google Jamboard in just a few easy steps:

  1. Create the Jamboard design you want using PowerPoint or Google Slides. 
  2. Save the design as an image.
  3. Insert that image as a background in Jamboard. 
  4. Add any moveable pieces or text on top. (optional)
how to create a google jamboard
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Google Jamboard Templates

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