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Whether you're in the classroom or distance learning, these slides can be used in so many ways.

Last spring when our grade level had to start distance learning, we created a system where students looked at a weekly schedule to see what they were expected to do each day and where they could find their assignments. We also had a quick links slide so students could quickly access websites they needed to use frequently. 

Let me tell you… parents raved about this. So many parents reached out and said how organized the work was and that their child could independently navigate and complete their assignments. They had children in other grades who were not using this system, and they were struggling to keep up.

Read on to see how I love using the rest of these slides… in class too! 

Good Morning Slides

I love using Good Morning Slides as my students walk in the door or when they first log onto our Zoom meetings.

They’re a great way for me to let them know what they need to do for morning work, what assignments to turn in, and reminders for the day. It’s also a great space to celebrate birthdays or use to run your Morning Meetings! 

When I use the slides virtually on Zoom, it’s a way to welcome students and give them the overview of the day. It’s also great for me as the teacher to remember all of the items I want to discuss right away in the morning.

Subject Slides with Timers

Subject slides really keep my students on task during writing, math, or any subject. I use them as a to-do list for what they should be working on independently after my mini-lesson. If I have an important anchor chart I want to display, I put that on the slide as well as the directions for what to do and what they can do once they’re finished. (No more, “What am I supposed to do?” 😄 )

On these subject slides, I have timers of all sorts that I drag onto the slide to my students can manage their time. They’re really great for those students that need help managing their time or have difficulty staying focused. And let’s be honest, the timers are almost more for me as the teacher to keep my day on schedule. 

There are a lot of ways to customize their subject slides including changing the headings to fit your classroom’s lingo, adding the standard or learning target if you’re required to display those, as well as the materials they need.

Quick Links Slide

There are a lot of ways to give your students links to websites, but this quick link slide is what we found to work the best with our students. 

We added this slide into a Slides presentation that also had the weekly agenda listed. Students click on the image of the website and a link appears below for them. 

This was also a place where we added links to websites that we thought students might be interested in during their free time. We linked art websites, our counselor’s YouTube channel, coding, science, and other websites all here. 

Whenever we found a new site we thought our students would enjoy, we easily added it to this page and the Slides presentation was automatically updated.

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This was exactly what I was looking for had agenda, morning message, and timers included! Editable and easy to tailor to my new and slightly scary adventure of teaching virtually. Thank you.

Maggie, 4th Grade

This resource saved my so much time. It is very organized and helps eliminate using multiply resources.

Angela, 2nd Grade Teacher

I love using these for my morning messages and daily agenda! Very bright and colorful, yet not overwhelming! Love the timers that are built in! Thank you!

Stephanie, 2nd Grade Teacher

Great resource for online learning!

Mary, Teacher

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