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Daily Agenda Slide Templates for Teachers (+ free templates)


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10 Reasons Why you Need a Daily Agenda Slide for your Classroom (+ free templates below!)

From morning meeting to independent work, agenda slides are THE best tool for classroom management.

I have been using agenda slides for years, and I honestly cannot imagine going back to not using them.

Not only do they provide students with the visuals they need and help them become more independent, but they also make a huge difference for my mental state as a teacher.

Every time I use them, I feel less stressed and overwhelmed, and I receive fewer questions.

If you haven’t tried agenda slides or aren’t using them consistently, here are 10 ways they will help improve your classroom management (plus a free agenda slide template for you to try them out!).

1. They focus your students when they walk in the door

I love using Good Morning Slides as my students walk in the door.

They’re a great way for me to inform them about what they need to do for morning work or bell work, which assignments to turn in, and reminders for the day. It’s a perfect space to celebrate birthdays or recognize students.

As a bonus, you can also use them to conduct your Morning Meetings! List your greeting, share, activity, and message on a slide.

Moreover, as a teacher, it’s helpful to have a visual reminder of all the items I want to discuss right away in the morning.

2. Students know exactly what they should be doing during independent work time and partner talking

And you can save your energy for meeting with small groups instead of answering questions like “What do we do?!” Yes, please!

When you project what students should be doing during work time on an agenda slide, you’ll notice their heads continuously referencing it. It’s such a great tool that fosters independence.

Students appreciate structure, and often they can’t remember the long list of directions you gave them about what to do and what to do when they finish early. (I mean, how many times do we as adults forget things we’re supposed to do?)

Having it typed out is invaluable.

Not having to write it in marker on your whiteboard is also a huge benefit. You don’t have to use up precious wall space, and it’s much faster to type.

Did I mention that Agenda Slides are automatically saved in Google Slides? You can create them ahead of time or on the fly and refer back to them anytime. You don’t need to worry about your board getting erased.

Turn and Talk

Using agenda slides for partner turn-and-talk is also fantastic. You can include talking reminders, which students consistently need, along with the discussion prompts you want them to address.

They are much more likely to stay on task and actively engage in the required conversation.

Writing it down is always better! 

3. Class timers help all of your students, especially the ones that have difficulty staying focused

“I would put timers on them, and it makes transitions much smoother.”

Timers are absolute game changers.

You can add a timer to anything: turn and talk, centers, small groups, free choice, independent work time, problem of the day, your mini-lesson, and more.

When I think of timers, sometimes I actually think of myself benefiting from them first.

I enjoy using timers to stay on track with the day’s schedule. It’s easy to lose track of time, which is great when your students are deeply engrossed in a project, but not so great when you need to complete certain tasks or provide your students with ample work time.

However, timers immensely benefit students! Here are just a few ways:

  1. Time awareness
  2. Task pacing
  3. Focus and attention
  4. Task chunking and transitions
  5. Motivation and self-regulation
  6. Reducing anxiety and increasing predictability

Your students who struggle with unpreferred tasks will truly benefit from timers, as they provide a clear and finite amount of time they need to engage in the activity.

🔥Bonus tip: Do you have your own unpreferred task? Challenge yourself to spend 30 minutes after school tackling it without any distractions like your phone. Set the timer and get started! I find it incredibly motivating 🙂

4. Students can finally see the anchor charts! (woot woot!)

Yes, please!

What’s worse than creating these beautiful anchor charts that no one can see from their seats and, as a result, they don’t use them!

Include them in your agenda slides or co-create them with students during your mini-lessons. Then project and keep them visible during independent work time.

I’ve added anchor charts in two ways:

  1. Insert a table into Google Slides and either co-create the chart with students during the lesson OR cover parts of the table with a shape (using the shape tool) and reveal parts of it gradually.
  1. Another option is to create an anchor chart using chart paper as you typically would, and then take a photo of it.

Insert the photo onto the slide that students should refer to while they’re working.

Since the chart is projected and larger, they are more likely to use it.

Moreover, this approach frees up valuable classroom wall space. Who is really looking at the writing anchor chart during social studies? Probably no one. Just display it during writing time!

5. Agenda slides organize your links so you can make learning more engaging

There are various ways to organize your links and share them with students, but incorporating a quick links slide into my agenda slides has been an incredible addition.

Having this slide with all the websites we use daily linked in one place allows for easy and quick access to them.

Typically, I add an image or text of the website and hyperlink it to the corresponding site. (Click on the image – Click CTRL + K and paste the link)

This slide also serves as a resource for students to access the websites during school or even at home.

I update it whenever there’s a valuable addition, and the slide automatically updates for everyone.

💡Bonus idea: You can also directly add links to any of your agenda slides. This way, you can access the link right when you need it, whether it’s to show students a video, play a song, or take them to a website during your lesson.

6. Agenda slide templates make decorating for the holidays even easier

Agenda slides for the holidays are such a fun way to mix up your classroom decor and in some holiday fun. Both students and, let’s be honest, teachers like myself, thoroughly enjoy the holiday spirit!

You can customize these slides for any holiday or season, and even include extra stickers or decorations. Personally, I find adding holiday jokes to be a fun addition.

If you’re already using agenda slides, incorporating these holiday-themed slides will be the ultimate enjoyable bonus.

7. Students know exactly what their homework is and what the week looks like

I love projecting the homework agenda slides before students leave for the day. It allows them to easily write down their homework and gain a clear understanding of upcoming assignments that are due.

This practice empowers students to take responsibility for their work and helps them stay organized.

You can also involve your Google Classroom by posting a saved image of the homework slide in your feed. To do this, click on the slide, go to File, select Download, and choose PNG.

Week at a Glance

Additionally, using week-at-a-glance slides and providing students with a link to access them, especially if you have linked online assignments, can be incredibly helpful. These visual resources have proven to be beneficial for students.

Parents can also benefit from this approach. By granting them access to the homework slide or including the image in an email, they can conveniently review the week’s homework and actively support their child’s learning journey.

One of the significant advantages of using agenda slides is that students always have online access to their homework information. This eliminates concerns about them forgetting to write it down and ensures they can easily refer to the slide whenever needed.

8. They help you stay organized and on track when you're teaching (don't forget the wrap-up!)

I’m highlighting a lot of benefits for students, but it’s important to acknowledge that agenda slides offer numerous advantages for teachers beyond simply reducing the number of questions they have to answer.

Agenda slides can serve as a valuable tool to guide your lessons, ensuring that no important elements are missed. You can include the warm-up question, key components of the mini-lesson (such as the anchor chart), turn and talk questions, and the crucial wrap-up, which often gets sidelined when time is limited.

By clicking through these slides during different parts of your lesson, you can avoid forgetting any essential aspects, including important terminology and guiding questions. 

When everything is organized and listed across the slides, I find myself feeling much more prepared for the lesson, and it tends to run much smoother as a result.

9. They're great for getting students caught up with work

You can incorporate agenda slides into your Ketchup, Mustard, and Pickles catch-up sessions!

(Of course, if condiments aren’t your thing, feel free to use other creative names!)

Include all the tasks that need to be completed by students on your catch-up slides. Students must finish the “must-dos” before they can engage in other activities.

This approach is an excellent way to ensure that all students are back on track and assignments are turned in. Additionally, when students see what they “get to do” after completing their regular work, they become more motivated to stay focused and complete their tasks.

Keep student who are home sick connected

You can also utilize agenda slides to help catch up students who are sick at home. Proactively getting them up to speed before they return makes the transition easier for both you and them.

Here’s the trick: simply share a link with those absent students that allows them to get a glimpse into what the class has been working on during their absence. It’s like a virtual window into the day’s lessons.

Now, I can’t guarantee that it will miraculously catch them up completely, but at least they can stay informed and keep up with online assignments and math work.

You can include links or attachments directly on the slides, making it convenient for them to continue their learning from the comfort of their own home. It’s all about finding ways to keep them connected and engaged, even when they can’t physically be in the classroom.

While agenda slides won’t solve all the challenges of catching up, they certainly make a difference. By using them, you’re demonstrating care for those sick students and providing them with an opportunity to stay on track.

10. You can share agenda slides with parents to keep them in the loop

Agenda slides serve as a secret weapon for keeping parents informed about their children’s school activities.

When parents receive these agenda slides, they gain an instant and clear understanding of their child’s schedule, allowing them to plan and stay organized.

The best part is that agenda slides provide parents with easy access to all the essential information they need. They can simply refer to the slides to check due dates, project requirements, assignments, and the topics being studied in class.

This way, parents can actively support their child, engage in meaningful conversations about their school experiences, and be present for any challenges or celebrations that arise along the way.

You don’t have to share all the slides; just share the relevant ones. You can create a separate presentation for parents that you keep updated. (Select the slides you want to share, click File – Make a copy – Selected slides. Then share the link)

It’s all about fostering open communication and parental involvement. With agenda slides, we create a supportive learning environment where parents are well-informed and can actively participate in their child’s education. It’s a win-win situation that significantly enhances their overall learning experience.

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This was exactly what I was looking for had agenda, morning message, and timers included! Editable and easy to tailor. Thank you.

Maggie, 4th Grade

This resource saved my so much time. It is very organized and helps eliminate using multiply resources.

Angela, 2nd Grade Teacher

I love using these for my morning messages and daily agenda! Very bright and colorful, yet not overwhelming! Love the timers that are built in! Thank you!

Stephanie, 2nd Grade Teacher

I love this resource, makes planning the day simple and easy for students to follow. I love the themes and how it easily editable.

Deanna, 5th and 6th GradeTeacher

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