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Confidently Present to Parents at Back to School Night

I remember during my first few years of teaching, Back to School Night with parents seemed nerve-wrecking. A full room of parents, all eyes on me. What should I talk about? What if I forgot everything I wanted to say? 

A few years ago I finally created this Google Slides presentation that’s essentially as much for me as it is for the parents. I put the slides in order of what I wanted to talk about, starting with curriculum and then moving onto procedures and volunteer opportunities.

It worked like a charm. Not only was it a breeze presenting to parents, having my guide right in front of me, but now all I do is open the same presentation a few hours before Back to School Night, tweak a few things, and it’s ready for me once again.

The Key to an Engaging Presentation

Stop with all the text.

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a presentation and someone has written full sentences or slides full of text. 

The beauty of these slides is that they’re not just headings like so many other Back to School Night presentations. I’ve actually designed all of the slides for you to help you limit text, include images, and prevent parents from being overwhelmed.

These slides have built it bullets, check marks, and layouts designed for adding images, icons, and links. I also include directions for inserting your Bitmoji and QR code to your Amazon Wish List.

The best part is, you can tweak all the layouts too. They’re all editable so you can create the exact presentation you want. 

What's included in the presentation:


Game Changer!!!! I have gotten so many compliments from my coworkers at how amazing this is. It is super easy to edit and I love all of the pre-made slides!

Tanya, 3rd Grade Teacher

Thank you! This was a life-saver! I was so worried about how to put together an organized virtual back-to-school presentation for nervous Kindergarten parents who have no idea what distance learning will look like! This resource was perfect- you thought of everything! I especially loved how you placed every possible learning platform icon I might need to the side of the slide for easy transfer. This will also work well for another presentation when/if we transition back to the classroom!

Kristen, Kindergarten Teacher

In this editable presentation, I was able to include slides outlining expectations for students, teachers, and families during remote learning. It was easy to add links to parent surveys, Google Classroom, and Class Dojo. My students’ families appreciated the slideshow during our virtual open house very much!

Rachel, 4th Grade Teacher

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