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Keep Families Connected with Digital (and Printable) Newsletters

Why I use love classroom newsletters in Google Slides:

Newsletters are something I send out each month to keep families in the loop. I include information about what we’re learning that month, important dates they should remember, things on my Wish List, volunteer opportunities, new websites students can visit, and more.

I know many teachers that send newsletters out weekly or just when they have news to share. However often you send them, it’s a great way to stay connected and help parents (and you) stay organized.

When I’m in the classroom, I usually create the newsletter using the Google Slides templates and print them off to send them home on the first day of the month. Include the newsletters in a packet with a calendar as well as Scholastic book orders.

Since being virtual, I have been emailing parents a link to the newsletter. (Honestly, when we get back in the classroom, I’ll be sending the link to parents, too. Then they won’t have to worry about keeping track of the printed copy and it saves paper.)

The great thing is, you can decide how you want to use them! 

How I customize my newsletters:

Whether you’re creating digital or printable newsletters, you can add in some really fun and useful features! 

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