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Digital Stickers for Google Classroom


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What are Digital Stickers?

Digital stickers have become popular lately because so many of us are having to grade digital assignments. We know students love getting stickers in class, so now we can do it digitally too! My stickers come in a Google Slides presentation. Teachers copy and paste the already-made stickers onto student assignments when they’re grading them. I use the stickers when I have student assignments open to grade in Google Classroom. 

Using Digital Stickers as Feedback

What’s unique about this set of digital stickers is that I not only include stickers that say “Fantastic!”, “Great job!” and “Creative!”, but I also include stickers that encourage students to improve their work. Half of my sticker set includes phrases like, ‘Use your tools”, “Look at this again” and “I bet you can add more!”

I used to type in comments in Google Classroom to give my students feedback. Even with the comment bank feature, it still can get tedious. For simple comments, I can just paste a sticker for students to read. Once students know you’re using these digital stickers, they’re going to look for them when assignments are returned. 

You can even set up a sticker book for them in Google Slides where they can cut and paste the sticker from their assignment into their sticker books.

This sticker set includes these accountability phrases:

These motivational phrases are included:


Providing meaningful feedback is essential to the success of remote learning. These stickers add a special effect on feedback and are super easy to use! Very motivating to students!

Rachel, 5th Grade Teacher

My kiddos love getting these stickers! I put them on their turned in assignments in Google Classroom.

Diane, 3rd Grade Teacher

These are wonderful for providing feedback, and it helps me communicate with my virtual students in a fun and motivating way. Thank you!

Rachel, 4th Grade Teacher

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