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Digital Vocabulary Notebook
for Any Subject
in Google Slides


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Build Connections with Digital Vocabulary Notebooks

Students add text, real photos, links to websites, and even videos to create connections and understanding of their vocabulary words

Vocabulary graphic organizers just got a lot more meaningful and FUN! 

Instead of just writing out a definition of a vocabulary word, which we all know students are going to forget later that day, students can insert real images from the built-in Google Search right in Google Slides. They can add links to websites where they’ve expanded their understanding of the word, and they can even add videos. What’s better than a video to help students make connections and make their new learning stick.

This digital vocabulary notebook in Google Slides can be used for any subject or topic students are studying. Students can create their digital notebook as they’re learning from home or in class, as well as use it to study or reference vocabulary words later on.

What are some ways these digital vocabulary notebooks can be used?

Each notebook comes with a clickable table of contents so students stay organized. You can also make as many copies as you need of the Google Slides presentation, so students can create multiple vocabulary notebooks for all different subjects.


Flat out a life saver! The tech is easy for students to learn, and activities are engaging (which is doubly challenging with distance learning). Perfect for older students, too, who need a backfill on skills) And, easy to edit for your own purposes!

Mary, 6th-8th Grade Teacher

Very easy for students to use. I’ll be using this all year!

Brittany, 3rd Grade Teacher

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