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A Memory Book Students Actually Want to Complete

Selfies, inserting images, digital autographs, and a summer bucket list will keep your students engaged.

I used to use printable memory books back in the day. I’d spend hours copying and stapling the books, printing class photos at CVS and gluing them in each one before giving students their copy. Students would work on them during the last couple days of school, but their interest in completing the book would usually taper off. It was always one of those activities I liked doing, because honestly it was an easy end-of-the-year activity, but it could be way better.

I decided to switch to using a digital memory book a few years ago after having my students create a digital end of the year slideshow for Open House. I saw how excited they were about it and when I gave them the digital memory book, it made a HUGE difference in student engagement. Here are some of the reasons why I love this digital memory book:

BONUS: Digital Autograph Signing Pages

Autograph signing is always such a fun part of the end-of-the-year. It’s great for one of your last community building activities and is always filled with so many smiles.

At my school, not all of my students are able to purchase yearbooks. Instead of just having them use a piece of paper (which wasn’t nearly as fun) to collect autographs, I came up with this idea so they’d all have a unique experience.

How does it work?

I have a Google Slides template that’s ready to go, with enough slides so each student gets their own.

I assign the presentation in Google Classroom so that each student has access to all of the autograph pages (Make it so students can edit file). Students each chose a slide by putting their name at the top. 

Then they went through and wrote their name or a short message on each of their classmates’ slides. (I encouraged them to write more than their name and they all did! It was really cute.)

If you’re worried about students all being in the same presentation, space it out and have them work throughout the week so that there aren’t so many students working at once. I had second graders last year and we didn’t have any issues. 

You can print the autograph pages for students. Those with yearbooks can tape them inside if they wish. You can also have students just copy and paste this template into their memory book Slides presentation! 

Either way is super easy and students can look back at all of these positive messages for years to come. 

I’m counting down the days until summer! You too?

I hope this helps you with your end of the year planning!

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