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End of the Year Slideshow Template: PowerPoint and Google Slides for Students


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How to do an End of the Year Presentation

This end of the year slideshow has been a staple in my end of the year activities over the past 6 years. It’s an easy way to reflect on the year and have something to play to make your end of the year celebrations memorable. 

Instead of creating the presentation for my students, I find it’s so much more meaningful when they’re part of it! (And it’s one less thing for you to do!)

I use an end of the year slideshow template in Google Slides (also works in PowerPoint) to customize as a class.

Each student customizes one slide of the Google Slides presentation with what they’re most proud of and their favorite memories from the year. I have students tell about their favorite book, subject, and memory but you can edit this categories so they fit your class.


When all the slides are finished, I usually have this continuously play during Open House for parents and families to view throughout the night. Students love seeing their slide being projected on our interactive whiteboard.

💡Pro Tip: If you have the slideshow run continuously, put the slides in order by 1st name so students know when they’re slide is coming up.

You can also project the slides one by one if you call up students to recognize them. It’s a great backdrop for your celebration!

Have parents that can’t attend the celebration? Just email them the link and then can see it at home!

Whatever your situation is, you can adapt how you present it each year. 


How can this End-of-the-Year Slideshow be used?

Each student slide is extremely easy for students to complete. I’ve had students as young as 1st grade complete it independently and Kindergartners complete it with adult support.

If you teach Pre-K or Kindergarten, or don’t feel comfortable have your Firsties do it, you can have an adult volunteer pull students one-by-one to the back and fill in the boxes with their responses. They’ll still love taking their selfie!

After students complete their slide, I always add a class photo to the cover slide. It’s easy to add additional photos to the photo slides by inserting them directly from my phone. 


How Students Customize Their Slide

Each student will customize 1 slide of the presentation. They’ll add: 

OR CUSTOMIZE THE CATEGORIES HOW YOU’D LIKE (Favorite field trip, favorite project, most important thing I learned, etc.)


Thousands of teachers have used this presentation in their classrooms! Read below to see what teachers like you are saying.


“This slide show was a huge hit with my students and their parents! Students loved completing the slide in class. I presented the slide show at our spring Open House. Families LOVED reading what their child and the rest of the class wrote on their slides!”


For years I’ve done an end of the year slide show, this year having my students contribute to the slide show was 10X more memorable and fun! Loved this! Thanks for making such a cool, valuable resource I will continue to use year after year!


Hands down the best product I bought this year! I played the slideshow at Open House and the parents adored it! They loved how it was individualized, yet collaborative at the same time! Thank you so much for sharing this!


Wow! I cannot thank you enough for this great activity, but also for the thorough, easy to follow directions! I wasn’t sure I was going to purchase this because I haven’t had much experience with google slides, but your step-by-step directions (with pictures!!!) made this an achievable project for even a novice like me.


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