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Autograph Party


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Hold a Virtual or In-Person Autograph Signing Party

A safe and fun way for students to digitally sign autograph pages

Last year was the first year I had my students sign autographs digitally. We were home because of COVID and I wanted my students to still have the chance to connect with their friends from home and have closure to a year that ended so strangely. (This year I’m so happy to have this option again so all of my students can participate, as some are learning from home and some are in-person.)

I started by creating an invitation with the details of the party. I posted the invitation image in the stream of Google classroom to start getting them excited. 

When it was party time, I shared the Google Slides presentation that I created. Each student chose a slide in the presentation to customize with their name and photo. (They love taking their selfie.) When everyone claimed their slide, they went through and wrote a nice message on each of their classmates’ slides by typing in the text boxes I provided them. 

Students wanted me to have a slide as well, so I included mine and also participated in the autograph signing.

I told my 2nd graders that they could write just their name, but I really encouraged them to write a little message to each of their classmates. And oh my, they did such a nice job! They all wrote a really sweet message to each of their friends. They loved it. 

We all started working at once, but I told students that they could come back to it throughout the week to finish their autographs. I’m still impressed with how nice of a job they did. They loved reading what all of their friends said to them. 

When students were finished, I printed the presentation and gave each student their own copy. If they had a yearbook, they taped it in there. If not, they would just keep it in a special place with the rest of their end of the year awards and activities. They always have a copy in their Google Drive too if they misplace their printed version.

Easy-to-Use for Teachers and Students

It was the student’s FAVORITE activity. They customized the pages and printed theirs to attach to their year book!! This was fabulous!

Rebecca, 4th & 5th Grade Teacher

Even though this wasn’t listed for Kindergarten, I bought it for my class! I was able to add their own little photo on each slide and I taught them how to “sign” their friends’ yearbook pages and then print out their own! They loved getting this closure that we couldn’t have in person. It was a fun way to connect to each other and show our love as a classroom community. It was also very easy to use:)

Syndee, Kindergarten Teacher

OMG I LOVE THIS!! It worked so well! The kids got to “sign each other’s books” even though they hadn’t seen each other for months! What a great time we had.

Brainbody Bond, 5th Grade Teacher

I followed the directions and it worked great! Very cute way to end the year!

Julie, 2nd Grade Teacher

This worked so well while distance learning! I was able to give my students an opportunity to “sign yearbooks,” which they were missing not being in school!

Lauren, 6th Grade Teacher

This was so easy to set up and use. My 5th graders were upset that they missed the opportunity to get their year books signed and this was the perfect replacement.

Kristen, 5th Grade Teacher

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