Google Jamboard Templates for Teachers

Google Jamboard Templates Bundle for Teachers


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375+ Jamboards That Will Up Your Teaching Game

Increase student engagement, hold class discussions, create math and writing anchor charts with students, use for reading response, small group... Jamboards can be used for anything.

Our Growing Jamboards Bundle keeps getting better and better. We’ve been adding every new Jamboard that we create to the bundle, and our latest Back to School Games and Activities product is one of my new favorites. 

If you’re new to Jamboard or if you want to use it more this year after being virtual, there are so many ways that this collaborative, visual tool can be used in your classroom.

Here are just a few of them:

There are so many more ways than just these to engage your students during morning meeting, back to school, reading, writing, math, and during special school days and holidays.

Here’s a quick preview of the Jamboards included in our 50% off bundle so far. 

Jamboards for Back to School

One of the best things I started doing was making my All About Me and Get to Know Me Activities at the beginning of the year collaborative

After I started using Jamboard with my students, I realized it was the perfect tool to use for whole group and partner activities at the beginning of the year.

I’ve included entire class games, partner games, class discussions, daily reflections, and math warm-ups in these beginning of the year Jamboards. Plus I’ve added Jamboards for students to give their input about how the class is going and if there’s anything they have questions about.

Jamboards as Math Mats and Manipulatives

Digital math mats and manipulatives have been a huge time saver for me and hundreds of other teachers.

Use these Jamboards to guide your whole group instruction, small groups, or give students their own copies to use. 

Number lines, arrays, multiplication Jamboards, 100s charts, fractions, measurement, geometry, place value, and about 75 more are all included.

Jamboards for Reading Response

There are so many ways to use reading response Jamboards with your whole class, small groups, as homework, or even as graphic organizers for individual students.

These can be used for character analysis, nonfiction lingo, showing the main idea and details, creating character maps, displaying reading partners and anchor charts, and a lot more.

Jamboards for Writer's Workshop

Writing Jamboards are some of my most used Jamboards.

105 digital writing Jamboards to help your students understand the writing process and feel more confident during independent writing. 

Get your students interacting during small group intervention or your whole group mini-lessons by having them co-create an anchor chart, solidify their ideas so they know exactly what they’re going off to write, and celebrate parts of their writing!

Jamboards for Holidays and Special School Days

Students love holidays and special school days, so why not engage them while they’re excited! 

I’ve included Jamboards for all the days: New Year’s, National Pet Month, Chinese New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, 100th Day, Super Bowl, International Women’s Day, Opposite Day, and all the rest.

Jamboards for Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting is an ideal time to have students come together as a class and participate in a Jamboard discussion.

I use these for birthday cards, student shout-outs, talking about weekend plans, setting goals, reflecting on a quote, celebrating accomplishments, and more.

Bonus: Your Own Jamboards Library

All 375 Jamboards are organized so you can easily find what you need, even in the middle of a lesson. I’ve created a Jamboard library to store them in and it’s always updated with our newest Jamboards. 

Each set of Jamboards also has it’s own clickable Table of Contents inside. Don’t worry – there’s even more Jamboards on the way besides the Oct-Dec Jamboards. 

Quick reminder: Every time we add more Jamboards, the price increases, so grab it now while it’s at it’s lowest price.


My students LOVE these Jamboards! I use them as their morning question and task, it is the perfect activity for them to do, and then for us to chat about later in the day! Thank you SO much!

Morgan, 5th Grade Teacher

This is perfect for students with disabilities. It meets them at their level while still accessing grade level standards and for social emotional learning.

Altira, 2nd-5th Grade Special Ed Teacher

These are awesome. A great way to keep students engaged in classroom discussions and get excited about learning. I can’t wait to use these in my classroom next year. I plan to use the birthday one for each student’s birthday and let all of the students write something nice. I can print it off and send it home. I also plan to use these during our reading discussion so that I can get to everyone’s questions or thoughts, even those that are reluctant to raise their hands.

Sarah, 2nd Grade Teacher

Jamboard is a new favorite in my remote classroom. These templates give me a quick way to get the kids interacting. There are so many good ones, I haven’t even scratched the surface yet!

Christy, 4th Grade Teacher

Thanks so very much for creating! This has saved me tons of time creating! I am very grateful! Fantastic Job! Students are engaged in their learning! LOVE IT!!!!

Roxanne, 2nd Grade Teacher

I recently started using Jamboard for my virtual firsties and we all love it. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this amazing resource !!

Miss 6, 1st Grade Teacher

Once I started using jamboard, student engagement ROCKETED! Thank you for creating all of these templates. Very time saving and helped me try new things with my class.

Evelyn, 5th Grade Teacher

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