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How to Hold a Digital
Valentine Exchange


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Digital Valentine Exchange

Whether you're remote or in-class, you can still celebrate Valentine's Day with a safe Valentine exchange.

My students love exchanging Valentines with their classmates and with this year being remote, I wanted them to still enjoy getting kind, colorful messages from their friends. 

Now more than ever, these kids need to feel their school community love and stay connected to their classmates. 💖

Last year I created these digital Valentines. We used them as an early finisher activity for students to send Valentines to their friends in other classrooms and teachers they had in the past. 

Since we’re still remote and can’t exchange Valentines safely this year, I gave these digital Valentines revamp to make them as easy-to-use as possible for my students. 

How do these Digital Valetines Work?
Video Instructions for my Students Make it Easy to Use from Home

This year I’ve recorded video instructions for my students since they’re not in the classroom with me. Usually I’ll demonstrate in class (and to be honest I’ll probably model over Zoom as well), but this video will be nice for them to reference from home.

I’ll assign the video along with the templates so they can see exactly how to customize and send their Valentines. It’ll also show them where they can find the Valentines that were sent to them. 

Teacher Valentines for Students

I usually handmake my Valentines each year for students, but this year I’m going to jump on these digital Valentines too, and maybe even surprise some of my coworkers with them as well. 


My students loved this! Very engaging and easy to use.

Jessica, 2nd Grade Teacher

Great way for older kids to send Valentines or in a low income school.

Melissa, Teacher

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