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Jamboard Activities for Students During Morning Meeting


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How do you use a Jamboard Template for a Morning Meeting?

Fun Jamboard activities are the perfect way to start your Morning Meeting and build classroom community and engagement.

Jamboards for Morning Meetings have been a lifesaver for so many teachers this past year. Jamboard is a collaborative tool that is easy to use for even the youngest learners whether you’re in the classroom or teaching a hybrid model. 

Using Jamboard Activities for Students First Thing in the Morning

There two things I make sure to do to start each day:

To me it’s important that students feel important and welcomed at the beginning of the day and we start the day with some kind of fun class activity.  You can start the day with an easy check-in question or ask students how they’re feeling.

Recognizing Students with a Personalized Jamboard

Using Jamboard for Morning Meeting Discussion Questions

Jamboard is amazing for having student respond to discussion questions. With Jamboard, student feel more comfortable to share their opinion, you can share everyone’s idea in just a minute or two, and students love seeing their ideas posted on the Jamboard. You can decide to have students be anonymous in their posts or tell them to include their name with their response.

Other Ideas for Using Jamboard for Morning Meeting (Templates included)

Ready to engage your students and spice up your morning meetings with Jamboards? Click below!


This was the perfect way for me to get my feet wet with Jamboard. My students are really enjoying it and these templates are making the whole process easier. Thank you!

Taelor, 4th Grade Teacher

This is perfect for students with disabilities. It meets them at there level while still access grade level standards

Emma, 2nd-5th Grade Teacher

My students loved the activities and they were engaged during them! Thank you!

Angie, 2nd Grade Teacher

I love trying new things with my students to keep learning fresh in the classroom. It’s a great tool for collaborating and getting more introverted students to share during the morning meetings.

Rachel, 4th Grade Teacher

Muy satisfecha con mi compra que estaré usando en mi clase con los estudiantes. Mil gracias.

Bilingual Butterfly, 2nd-5th Grade Spanish Teacher

This is a great resource! Very easy to use and implement!

Rebecca, 3rd Grade Teacher

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