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Jamboard Math Templates and Manipulatives for Teachers


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How do you use a Math Jamboard Template?

Improve your mini-lessons and get rid of the messy manipulatives by using Jamboards.

Math Jamboards have been a lifesaver for so many teachers this past year. Jamboard is a collaborative tool that is easy to use for even the youngest learners whether you’re in the classroom or teaching a hybrid model. 

Using Jamboard Math Templates for Whole Group and Small Group Mini-Lessons

Math Jamboards are great for whole group lessons while your class is on the carpet and small group lessons with just a few students.

It is such a time saver to have these math templates ready to go so I don’t have to create a math mat before each lesson. Some of the ones I use the most: 

You can use Jamboard for your Problem of the Day or during your mini-lessons. Just type the question at the top of our Jamboards and project it for students. The visuals on these Jamboards are excellent scaffolds for your students who need them.  Students can complete their work on their own papers or whiteboards and when it’s time to talk about the problem,  have a student come up to your computer to solve. (Or give one student access to the Jamboard if you’re teaching remotely.)

You can also assign this entire Jamboard to each student so they all have their own copy. Create questions ahead of time for them to solve. 

If you’re holding a small group, duplicate the frame so each student in your group has a frame to work on to show their work.

How Using Jamboard manipulatives reduces mess, stress, and wasted time

Anyone else have a love hate relationship with math manipulatives? I spent so much time creating bags of manipulatives, spending math time having students put them away, dealing with sets that were incomplete, and having students lose them at home. 

Not to mention trying to use them up on my document camera. Having to constantly adjust the lighting in the room to see them, not being able to tell the red from the yellow counters, trying to move the manipulatives carefully out of the way so you could show the recording page, but spilling the manipulatives so your example was ruined. Ah – I’m already getting flashbacks! 

Digital manipulatives to the rescue!! All of these manipulatives are preset on the templates so all you have to do is click and drag them into position. You can add more by copying and pasting or simply delete ones that aren’t being used. 

How do you write math equations in Jamboard?

There are tons of different ways for you and your students to write equations using Jamboard templates. 

The first way is simply using the pen tool on the left-hand side. You or your students can use the pen tool to circle important parts of an equation, write equations, show work, and more. Choose different pen colors to show different steps or assign different colors to different students when showing work.

You can also write math equations on Jamboards using the sticky notes provided right in Jamboard. These are great so you can quickly move numbers around to show different combinations of numbers. The stickies are neat, clear, and bold.

Writing equations with stickies is also nice as a scaffold for students. As the teacher, you can put the correct numbers on the sticky notes, but students have to drag the stickies in the correct order to create the equations.

Using Jambord for Real World Math Problems

Jamboard goes beyond just numbers and sticky notes. Did you know you can insert images onto Jamboard as well? Simply use the insert image tool on the left hand side. 

I love inserting real images into math problems to help students visualize the problem. It’s also a way to get their attention.

Students also love inserting images, alot! In the example below, I assigned each group of students a different 3D shape. Group members worked together on the same frame to insert images that would help them see their 3D shape in the real world. When groups were done, we clicked through the frames as groups presented their Jamboard frame.

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Very easy to assign using google classroom and well laid out and engaging lessons for distance learning, also use them for group work during google meets.

Lara, 4th Grade Teacher

This is a great resource to use with my special education students. I will be definitely using this again next year.

Eboni, 3rd-5th Grade Special Ed Teacher

Loved this resource! I use these often with my students for remote learning. Its interactive and easy for the kids to use.

Holly, 4th Grade Teacher

Great to find math templates for Jamboard! This saved me so much time! Thank you!

Caitlin, 2nd Grade Teacher

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