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45 Ways to Use Jamboard for Reading Response Activities (Interactive Templates!)


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How do you use a Jamboard Template for Reading?

Spice up your reading reading response activities, create anchor charts that save wall space, and increase class participation with reading Jamboards.

Imagine having your students actually excited about responding to a text. No more pulling teeth to get your students to participate. When you use Jamboard, students want to respond. Wishing you had more structure and were better planned for your small groups? Jamboard can do that too. Running out of wall space for all those anchor charts? Jamboard!

Ways to Use Reading Response Jamboards in Your Classroom

There are a lot of ways to use Jamboards during reading. Here are just a few ways I love using Jamboard templates in my classroom:

Using Jamboard to Talk about Nonfiction Texts

My students love reading nonfiction, really about anything. They love learning new facts and how things work in the world.  It’s sometimes hard to get students to share their ideas without having a few students do a lot of the work and thinking.

To combat this, I like to project these nonfiction templates during my mini-lessons and have students stop and jot their ideas on a sticky note. It keeps them accountable and stretches their brain instead of getting away with not sharing during a “pair share.” Here are some of my favorite Jamboards to use along with my mini-lessons: 

Using Jamboard to Talk about Fictional Texts

There are a lot of ways to use Jamboards to discuss fictional texts. You can use these Jamboards for a full-group discussion, break students into groups and have them work together on one frame, or you can assign each student the whole Jamboard to do a “Brain Dump” on the topic. Here are some of my favorite templates that I like to use with my students:

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I LOVE these Jamboard templates! I had the freebies and immediately went and purchased these templates because of how often I did Jamboard with my students.

Ashley, 4th and 5th Grade Teacher

This was a great way to get student interaction.

Sheila, 6th Grade Teacher

End of year review went very smooth with this to assist!

Tyara, 3rd Grade Teacher

This kept my Jamboard sessions organized, effective, and user-friendly! Thank you!

Meaghan, 6th Grade Teacher

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