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Student of the Day and
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Digital Posters
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Digital Student of the Day and Student of the Week Posters

Make Your Students Feel Special In-Class or Virtually

Students love to be recognized and celebrated. Classmates love to learn about their new friends and see what they have in common. You don’t have to give this up if you’re going virtual this year either.

Here’s how it works:

Each day I choose a new Student of the Day to highlight. On my computer, I pull up the Google Slides presentation while my Student of the Day shares about themselves. (Each student will get their own slide.) I have them share their favorite animal, food, movie, game, place, and more, but you can change the categories to whatever you want.

I take a photo of them and lastly ask for the other students in the class to share what they know about this friend. Compliments start flying in and my Student of the Day is soon smiling ear to ear.

When the slide is finished, I put it in “Present” mode, and we go through each part of the poster, highlighting the friend again together.

Each day a new friend is chosen. It’s a great routine to start the day for the first month and a half of school, but you can use it during any part of the year.

When everyone has had a turn, I print the slides and put them into a class book. You could also print the slide each day and display it in your classroom if you’re in-person teaching. If you’re virtual, you could post the link to the “digital book” in your Google Classroom for students to go look at throughout the year.

Each Student of the Day/Week Poster will include:

Incorporated this into my Bitmoji Classroom and LOVE it! I have received so many positive comments from parents about how fun and inviting the student of the week page looks!

Nancy, Kindergarten Teacher

During school closures this resource helped our classroom family stay connected, each day we featured a new student that filled out their slide. I loved using this and will implement in my in person classroom this year!

Chelsea, 2nd Grade Teacher

I usually have a “Class VIP,” but due to distance learning I was trying to think of something I could do from home. This was absolutely perfect! I pick a student of the day and post on my google classroom. The kids have been loving it, and are very happy being able to read about their friends while they are home. Thank you for this product!

Anonymous, Kindergarten Teacher

This was a perfect resource for my students during distance learning!

Anonymous, 3rd Grade Teacher

This resource helped me recognize students that were working hard on their assignments during our new learning platform.

Susan, 2nd Grade Teacher

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