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The Ultimate Course For Using Google In Your Classroom

A step-by-step guide for teachers: Everything you need to know to get your students creating and collaborating in G Suite

Module 1: Getting Started With Your Google Drive
  • 01 Log Into Your Google Drive
  • 02: Upload Files From Your Computer Into Your Drive
  • 03: Organize Your Drive With Folders
  • 04: Share Your Files With Other Teachers
  • 05: Share And Collaborate In A Folder With Other Teachers
  • 06: Search Your Drive To Quickly Find Files
Module 2: Creating Activities For Your Students In Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings
  • 01: What Is Google Docs And How To Use It In Your Classroom
  • 02: What Is Google Drawings And How To Use It In Your Classroom
  • 03: What Is Google Slides And How To Use It In Your Classroom
  • 04: Set Up A Student Activity In Docs, Slides, Or Drawings
  • 05: Use The Features In The Toolbar To Design Student Activities
  • 06: Insert Photos To Make Activities More Meaningful
  • 07: Lock Down Images, Shapes, And Text So Students Can’t Move Them
  • 08: Create Text Boxes for Student Responses
  • 09: Create Draggable Words To Sort, Label, And Fill In Blanks
  • 10: Insert Videos And Links To Provide Students With More Content
Module 3: Setting Up And Using Google Classroom
  • 01: Google Classroom: The Best Way To Share And Turn In Student Assignments
  • 02: Set Up Your Google Classroom
  • 03: Assign Your Student Activities And Differentiate In Google Classroom
  • 04: Create Topics On Your Classwork Page To Easily Find Assignments
  • 05: View And Grade Your Students’ Completed Work And Give Feedback
  • 06: More Features In Google Classroom
Module 4: Getting Students Collaborating In Their Google Drives
  • 01: Why Your Students Should Collaborate In Their Drive
  • 02: Create A Collaborative Class Activity For Your Students To Work On At Once
  • 03: How Students Can Start Their Own Activity And Stay Accountable
  • 04: Use The Comment Feature With Students To Provide Instant Feedback
  • 05: Share Collaborative Activities With Parents, Teachers, And Your Principal
Module 5: Using Google Forms In Your Classroom
  • 01: What Are Google Forms And How To Use Them In Your Classroom
  • 02: Customize The Settings On Your Google Form
  • 03: Add Questions And Sections To Your Google Form
  • 04: How To Make A Graded Quiz In Google Forms
  • 05: Assign A Google Form To Students In Google Classroom
  • 06: How To View Your Students’ Responses From A Google Form
  • 07: How To Grade A Google Form And Return It To Students
  • 08: Create A Google Form For Parents

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