What do you teach on Valentine’s Day? SELF-LOVE!

10 Self-Love Activity Ideas for the Classroom

1. Start the day with a self-love discussion

A morning meeting discussion is a great way to start the day with self-love. 

Encouraging students to share their thoughts and experiences around these prompts fosters a positive and supportive classroom environment. It also helps them develop a greater understanding of self-love and the importance of recognizing and appreciating their unique qualities.

You can ask students questions verbally, use digital templates, or have students respond in their journals. 

Here are a few questions you can ask:

  • What is something you’re really good at or proud of?
  • Can you share a time when you felt confident and successful?
  • What special talents do you have that make you stand out?
  • How do these talents make you feel when you express them?
  • What activities bring you joy and make you feel happy?
  • What qualities do you appreciate about yourself?
  • How do these qualities contribute to the classroom community?
  • What are some ways you can be kind to yourself each day
  • How does taking care of yourself contribute to your overall well-being?
  • What activities or strategies help you feel better during challenging times
  • How can you incorporate these coping strategies into your daily routine
  • How can we support and encourage our classmates in recognizing their own strengths
  • Why is it important to celebrate and uplift each other?

Students will start the day with extra confidence that will hopefully carry on throughout the day! 

2. Heart-Felt Affirmations

Students can write their positive affirmations digitally, privately, or for a classroom bulletin board.

Encourage creativity by providing colored paper, markers, and embellishments to create a positive affirmation or do it digitally. 

Students can share their affirmations with the class or keep them private. Consider incorporating a discussion about the power of positive self-talk and how it influences their overall well-being.

    • Can you share a positive affirmation about yourself?
    • How does saying positive things about yourself impact your mood?

3. Self-Love Collage + Positive Friend Comments

Ah this one is my favorite. It’s one of the most MEANINGFUL activities you can do for Valentine’s Day or anytime. Students practice self-love and mindfulness. Each student will customize a slide recognizing what makes them happy, people who make them feel loved, how they’re helpful to others, which activity makes they feel calm, and more. They’ll use text, images, and even their own selfie to customize their slide. 

Students collaborate in ONE Google Slides presentation so that when they’re finished with their own slide, they can view and comment on each other’s slides with positive words and affirmations. Your students are sure to come out of this activity with new love and appreciation for themselves. ♥

4. Kindness Rocks

Students can decorate a rock with a positive message! Connect this activity to the school environment by encouraging students to hide their kindness rocks around the school grounds. This way, their positive messages can be discovered by others, spreading self-love throughout the school community.

5. Quiet, Mindful Self-Love Activities

Students like quiet activities more than they or you realize. 

Having a quiet classroom throughout the day can help students focus and calm their nervous systems. They love it!

Here are some fun ideas for a calm classroom during the day:

6. Feel-Good Dance Party!

Incorporate the concept of self-expression and joy through movement. Encourage students to create their own dance moves or bring in popular dance trends, making it a fun and inclusive activity that celebrates individuality.

7. Self-Love Valentine Cards (or anytime!)

Have students make a card for themselves! These can be digital or printed. Students can write what they like about themselves, words of encouragement, add images of things that make them smile, etc. 

Extra fun bonus, have students mail their cards home to themselves or collect the cards from students and send them home as a surprise one day. 

8. Compliment Cupcake Party

Ask students to write compliments or positive messages about their classmates on colorful paper “cupcakes.” Create a display of these cupcakes in the classroom. At the end of the week, host a “Compliment Cupcake Party” where students can exchange and read the positive messages they’ve received.

9. Gratitude Journals

Discuss the importance of recognizing and appreciating personal achievements, big or small. Consider making it a classroom routine where students share one thing from their gratitude journal during morning meetings, fostering a positive and supportive community.

Have students write 5 things their thankful for each morning or before they go home for the day. It’s a great way to start and end the day!

10. Self-Love Story Writing

Consider having students write personal narratives, where they tell the story of when they practiced self-love after a problem or something that happened at school or at home. Create a class book compiling these stories, allowing students to share their achievements with each other. 

This collaborative effort not only boosts individual self-esteem but also fosters a sense of unity within the class!

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